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Warframe x64 tests windows oem or steam OS

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So since getting windows registered, i wanted to do tests. And after some time and configurations, windows update just seems better. I dont get hacked by microcop employees basically. On the upside, they have steamos available, and believe u me, i wouldve just used that for the last 4 years instead of windows oem hell. Def choose STEAM OS, if you want a free O/s. Microsoft really fucks with you when u install windows for free. Believe me, I know, ive been using it for 4+ years, and it was a big headache. However, I had no problem with games that actually ran…besides this one, warframe. It would chop up, or create some sort of bad experience after an hour or two of gp. And some games stopped working, idk why, like Gotham city imposters. Other than that windows update is the way to go, if you want to pay 100 dollars…but if you just need a PC to do stuff, i rec Steamos, and maybe windowsoem for free to work and stuff.

Basically, if you have one or two games you play steam os is perfect and windows oem, is bad for any game, because they will start messing with you or your game somehow. Deleted clans, odd intros, resets of controls, you name it they can do it. Didnt effect me too much as to why, i was mainly playing less than a handful of games. Didnt look as to how they do that, but its windows so..in a later video, i will personally tests steam os. Basically i got my first gaming pc an amd soyo board in 2006-08 (xp pro) then amd 64 (xp 64) from 2009-2020 then my current pc, an icore 3 (win 7 pro 64 currently, started with win 7 32, used oem version of ultimate 64 which was a hackers dream for a while and recently bought win 7 64). Ive had headaches with hackers because of my philosophy to keep it simple like the console gaming world. Microcop ruined that philosophy. Once Microcop gets out of the gaming world, and steam os starts to support all games, then will i have forgotten about a pc, and maybe use it like i do my iphone, to task manage, instead of complain.

Warframe D3D Multihack 1.0:

x64 version, enable 64-bit mode, inject into

x86 version, disable 64-bit mode, inject into Warframe.exe


How to
– start warframe launcher
– click options
– disable fullscreen, disable dx10, disable dx11
– disable 64 bit if you use x86 version of this hack
– enable 64 bit if you use x64 version of this hack
– click OK, press PLAY
– if x86 inject dll in main screen into Warframe.exe
– if x64 inject dll in main screen into Warframe.x64.exe
– inject in window mode or borderless fullscreen, real fullscreen can cause problems

Use at your own risk! Use a good injector like extreme injector or xenos, use the following options if available
– manual map
– stealth inject
– erase PE
– hide module
– scrambling extreme

– insert

(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator