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Warframe | What To Sell For Platinum | Platinum Making Method

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This is what happens when i’m very tired and decide to make a video. Today we go over what I like to sell for platinum. The generals are pretty simple, you can farm up hundreds of platinum a day pretty easily if you just farm up the items I go over in this video. Generally prime warframes tend to sell for a decent amount, as well as prime mods, rivens, rare mods, and so much more. The best method to get a decent understanding of what is sold and bought is taking a look at trade chat and scouting out the most popular items. Anything involving primes just sells well so you won’t have any issues there at least. This is definitely a Warframe beginners guide as I believe most people are aware of these most popular items to sell. Hope this helps, thanks!

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TL;DR Time = Plat.
Play the game, Collect stuff, Work on syndicates, hustle, and if that’s too hard, get a job.

(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator