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Warframe | What To Buy With Platinum 2021

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Felt like going over what you can buy with platinum, and what you should buy with platinum. Try not to fall for the noob traps!

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Yeah so platinum is one of those weird things in Warframe where half the time it’s priced like trash in the market. So ya these are my general tips on what you should buy using platinum, and what you should avoid. Think of it as a general what to buy with platinum beginners guide. Seriously, this game has so many noob traps it’s insane. So remember, just buy all the slots you can afford!

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How to make Platinium fast ? An easy platinum guide for Warframe. Methods included will be useful for both newer and experienced players 1.registration here : 2.farm endo heart of deimos bounty tier 4 or arbitration alert or heiracon pluto rotation A . 3.CHARGE MOD AND PUT TO MARKET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most popular mod and price 100% sold “horrnet strike 60 pl /serration 60 pl /adaptation 100 pl / bite 100 pl/ maul 80 pl/link shield/ 80pl /llink helt 80pl/link armor 80 you can check price to market here fast trade for 60 pl add me in game bosancheros79 for more info thanks for watching

(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator