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Warframe Welcome to Warframe Nintennos New Player Beginner Guide

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Big thank you goes to Digital Extremes for sponsoring this video where I teach the new Tenno coming to the switch console the absolute basics of Warframe!

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In this video we are covering;

– What is Warframe?
– How do mods work?
– How to progress through the Star chart
– How to get new gear


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This video is the product of a paid promotion from digital extremes to help promote and celebrate the launch of the free to play game Warframe on the Nintendo switch.

Warframe Update 26.0.6 is live on the Xbox One & Playstation 4 with Nintendo Switch’s update remaining in certification for the time being.

This video is an audio & visual presentation of the Console Patch Notes with everything added, changed, fixed and more noted within.

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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator