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Warframe Vox Solaris Mission Bug PS4 SOLVED See description

(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator

You can ignore this video. I plan on contacting DE Support in the hopes they can help me with this.
For context, after you use the hoverboard to get past the giant orb monster, you have to hack onto the coolant tower. Thing is, when you do it, you’re suppoed to get swarmed by enemies. But for me, nothing happens.
I’ll include this video in the email. Fingers crossed, folks!

Edit 2/17/2020: This video is hella old now, but a few days or so after uploading this, I set my matchmaking settings to Solo before playing this, and it resolved the issue. If you’ve also had this bug, hopefully that works for you!

Please of a recent update, a glitch has created problems inviting people, so I only can send clan invites when me and you r both on Warframe. So send me a friend request and give me a heads up once u r on WF so I can get on and invite u, thx 4 showing interest in joining.If you still want in just send me a message and I see what I can do.

(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator