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Warframe Void Traders Returned 122nd Rotation 16th august 2019

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Baro the void trader has returned and brings with

Desert Skate floof
primed animal instinct
primed pack leader
primed pressure point
crash course
full contact
Collision force
mara detron
prisma grakata
towsun twin grakata skin
prisma avia chest plate
prisma avia shoulder plate
prisma avia ankle plate
ki’teer razza syandana
ki’teer kubrow armor
ki’teer kavat armor
odonata elixis skin
noggle statue – excalibur with odonata
kavat sentinel mask
kavat sentinel wings
kavat sentinel tail
5x corrupted heavy gunner specter
sands of inaros blueprint

Over on
pack leader emblem
glarin emblem
primed expel corpus
primed expel corrputed
primed expel grineer
primed expel infested
primed fever strike
primed quickdraw
prisma obex
prisma twin gremlins
ki’teer chest plate
ki’teer shoulder plates
ki’teer leg plates
anpu staff skin
anpu sugatra
scimitar cydonia skin
ki’teer palette
ki’teer arrow skin
inaros tomb scene
tigris elixis skin
nexus fur pattern
3 day credit booster
sands of inaros blueprint

Ofcorse ps4, xbox one and nintendo switch have the same items.

PC Orcus Relay Pluto
XB1 Orcus Relay Pluto
PS4 Kuiper Relay Eris
Switch Kuiper Relay Eris

and dont forget, his stuff rotates as he’s only here for 48hrs and he will leave sunday so best to get in before sunday to make sure you can get soemthing if he has something you want that is.

My glyph is now universal and the code “ORIGINALWICKEDFUN” claimable at warframe.com/promocode will now work on pc, xbox and ps4.
Can easily claim it by going to the following

My Discord-
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outro Title Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Track name (unknown)
Official Warframe fan channel since 2021

(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator