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Warframe – Void Traders Returned! 103rd Rotation

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Baro the void trader has returned and brings with him:

On PC:
Axi A5 Relic
harkonar wraith leg armor
fanged fusillage
vermillion storm
astral twilight
tempo royal
prisma angstrum
Prisma grakata
towsun twin grakata skin
prisma uru syandana
ki’teer chest plate
ki’teer shoulder plates
ki’teer leg plates
nexus fur pattern
ki’teer arrow skin
anpu staff skin
anpu sugatra
mantis prisma skin
ki’teer atmos earpiece
ki’teer earpiece
ki’teer solo earpiece
baro ki’teer glyph
inaros tomb scene
sands of inaros blueprint

Over on console:
Axi A5 Relic
primed expel corpus
primed expel corrupted
primed expel grineeer
primed expel infested
harkonar wraith cloak
liset cydonia skin
primed pressure point
primed crys rounds
primed reach
primed continuity
viper wraith
prisma tetra
prisma hecate syandana
prisma naberus
Prisma arrows
pack leader sigil
glaring sigil
ki’teer sekhara
ki’teer kavat armor
scimitar prisma skin
dark sword day of the dead skin
wysar day of the dead kavat armor
falcon mod pack
3 day affinity booster
3 day credit booster
3 day resource booster
ki’teer presence
pedestal prime
sands of inaros blueprint

Ofcorse ps4 and xbox one have the same items.

PC location: Strata Relay Earth
XB1 location: Vesper Relay Venus
PS4 Location: Kronia Relay Saturn

and dont forget, his stuff rotates as he’s only here for 48hrs and he will leave sunday so best to get in before sunday to make sure you can get soemthing if he has something you want that is.

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outro Title Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Track name (unknown)
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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator