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Warframe – Update 18.7.0 Feyarch Collection

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Embody the power of life with the new Oberon Feyarch Collection. This forest-inspired collection features new Skins for Oberon, Paris and the Ack & Brunt.

• OBERON FEYARCH SKIN – Emerge from the darkened forest with this gnarled old soul.
• ACK & BRUNT DANAUS SKIN – The unique sword and shield combo of forest warrior Oberon Feyarch.
• PARIS DRYAD SKIN – Oberon Feyarch’s signature bow.

Conclave Changes & Fixes

• Recruit Conditioning will now give a more specific message indicating it’s being disabled.
• Reduced the damage of the Dex Sybaris in Conclave.
• The Ogris can now be used in Conclave.
• The Deft Tempo Mod can no longer be used with the Opticor or Miter.
• Fixed Mag’s Pull stagger not properly being affected by stagger immunity Mods in Conclave.
• Fixed an error in the Sudden Justice Conclave Mod’s localization.


• The final Sortie Mission now has a chance to be an Assassination Mission against a level 100 boss!
• You can now move around in Maroo’s Bazaar while in Vendor mode! Please note that a message will prompt that you’ve been kicked out of Vendor mode if you leave the trading area.
• Added preparatory content for Sortie Season 6 Rewards. Please note that Season 6 will begin tomorrow, March 31st, at the Sortie Rollover Time.


• Add some new death animations to the Grineer.
• Toned down the bright visual FX on Oberon’s Hallowed Ground.
• Improved the visual FX of the ‘Trade’ button in Maroo’s Bazaar.
• Reduced the Sapping Ospreys base damage and removed Proc chance.
• Balanced the Juggernaut to be more manageable in high-level Infested missions, particularly Infested Sorties. The Juggernaut’s level will never exceed 80, and there is now a cap on the number of reinforcements that the Juggernaut can spawn during the stomp attack. The Juggernaut is also limited to one spawn per mission.


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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator