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Vay Hek is making his move. We have just detected a Balor Fomorian traveling on an interception course with Vesper Relay. The beast moves slowly but if we allow it to get within firing range, it will surely obliterate our new Relay. We need to destroy it before that happens.

Intelligence reports state that the Balor Fomorian’s power core emits a thick energy field composed of deadly omega radiation. In order to break through the field you will need to craft this Fomorian Disruptor. It will allow you to safely approach the core and when activated it will temporarily disrupt the core allowing you to inflict damage.

Take note Tenno, the Disruptor is forged using recently discovered Omega Isotopes. These are a by-product of a Fomorian’s core and will only appear in and around planets with a Fomorian present.

Move quickly Tenno, this is the first Balor Fomorian attack but it won’t be the last. When the others come we must be ready.

What You’ll Need To Do

Fomorian Vessels will intermittently appear in the Solar System as event nodes. These event nodes will be locked until you have the Fomorian Disruptor in your Consumable Inventory.
You will receive a Blueprint from the Lotus for the Fomorian Disruptor. It will require 3,500 Nano Spores, 300 Cryotic and 4 Omega Isotopes to craft.
Omega Isotopes are found on planets where Balor Fomorians are present and can drop from any mission on those planets. They can also be found in the Void.
Once you’ve built your disruptor, equip it in your Gear Menu to access the Fomorian Sabotage Mission.
Once in the Mission, players must fly to the Fomorian, evading escort patrols and Zeplens scattered amongst the debris. The Balor Fomorian’s cannons may also target players, with The Lotus warning you to get out of its line of fire. Players that are hit by the cannon will suffer heavy damage and will be stunned, leaving them vulnerable to the Formorian’s escorts.
Once you’re close enough to the Fomorian you must destroy the 2 Shield Generators at the top of the Fomorian so you can enter the ship.
Players must first damage the Shield Generator’s cover to access the Generator. While players can shoot the Generator directly, it is recommended to destroy the 4 fins attached to the Generator, as they are less durable and reduce the overall health of the Shield Generator.
The Shield Generator to the right of the player will always have a Zeplen nearby, so players must avoid getting too close to the Generator.
The Fomorian’s internal power core is protected by a magnetic field. Once you get close enough to it, use your Fomorian Disruptor from the Gear menu to disrupt the magnetic field and temporarily expose the power core. Players will have 30 seconds to damage the core as much as possible before the field begins to regenerate.
Once the 30-second window expires, the magnetic field will regenerate. Players will have 30 seconds to fly away from the core and extract.

What You Need To Know

Completing a successful Sabotage run will earn you event points, and reduce the global health of the Fomorian.
Your Fomorian Disruptor will be consumed after disrupting the Fomorian Core shields even if one of your teammates uses their own.
Additionally, a credit bonus ranging from Credits64‍ 50,000-Credits64‍ 100,000 can be rewarded by attaining a mission score of 1,000,000 in a single run. See the Scoring section for more details.
The credit bonus will only be rewarded once per Formorian.

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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator