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Warframe ui glitch menu pop

(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator

07 10 2017 12 34 26 01

[UPDATE HOW TO FIX: what i did (may not work for you or 100% of the time, is i went to my appdata\local\warframe folder, clicked on one of the folders with a random jumble of letters, and clicked each one (each contains a settings file) and deleted the one that was 0 bytes, which stopped the freezing!]
me showing off a few glitches including annoying ones with artifact selection, freezing 100% of the time for me. notice the mouse pointer at the very bottom when it freezes, showing that its the game freezing. as you can tell by the task manager cpu indicator, i don’t have a great computer, but that isn’t the problem.

Game was fully updated with every current update and hotfix, as of 11pm of date uploaded

(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator