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Warframe – [Theory Builds] ~ Trinity: Link to the Blast

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A video in which I attempt to prove that blowing yourself can actually be productive.

Trinity is renowned for her ability to take a page out of Seto Kaiba’s book and screw the rules, because she has infinite energy.

It’s mainly what people value her for, as it can allow for some pretty hilarious builds if you and her are coordinated. She also makes the majority of the game a cake walk once you get her.

However, she’s not really known as a frame that can skullfuck enemies to death and eat their entrails. She’s very much a support frame.

But if you really want to, you can abuse Link to get some pretty entertaining – and deadly – results.


Kevin MacLeod ~ BossaBossa
Kevin MacLeod ~ The House of Leaves
Kevin MacLeod ~ Odyssey
Kevin MacLeod ~ Ouroburos
Kevin MacLeod ~ District 4
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This build turns a squishy Nekros into a god by giving you crazy resistance to damage as well as nearly unlimited energy using desecrate to convert health orbs to energy

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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator