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Warframe Quest Replacements Prime Noggles Profit Taker & More This Week In Warframe

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This episode recaps the final two weeks of 2021 and all of the announcements, released content and developer tweets & news posted in the aforementioned period of Including the Profit Taker Heist, Mesa Prime, Melee 3.0’s Status, The Future of Quests in Warframe & More.


Devstream 121
Official Livestream Video

Nintendo Switch Exclusive Skins will be coming in the future / similar to the Jade & Obsidian skin packs that PlayStation & Xbox have.
The first shown skin was an Excalibur skin.

Melee 3.0 May release in parts similar to how they are releasing UI 3.0

“Heroic Action Pass” Improvements & Changes to hacking & Co-Op Doors

Curly Operator Hair coming soon / Needs more work

Lore for Baruuk & Garuda may possibly release in the form of a comic in game but apparently Warframe Quests were slowing down the release for the Warframes.

The Conservation System Animals will be coming to the Plains of Eidolon.

Geoff Mentioned that the Flying eidolon still needs to be released & Steve slightly mentioned that the Corpus Gas City remaster may somehow include new eidolons.

Heavy Weapons
In a question about the possibility of Arch Gun Riven, Steve said Sure but later followed up that they only just talked about it and could be scrapped.

Warframe Development Plan 2021
Railjack & New War
DirectX9 & 32bit Warframe will be dropped,

Trials & Events will be coming back eventually (something we’ve known but the level design team are gradually working on them when they aren’t working on New War and other projects.)

Patch Note Video

Update 24.2: The Profit Taker Heist

Profit Taker Frequently Given Feedback

Warframe Hotfix 24.2.1 Patch Notes

Warframe Hotfix 24.2.2 Patch Notes

Mesa Prime Access

Mesa Prime Toggle Removal & Return p1

Mesa Prime Toggle Removal & Return p2

Mesa Prime Alternate Helmet Only for Mesa Prime

Warframe Chat Moderation & Changes p1

Warframe Chat Moderation & Changes p2

Hotfix 24.2.3 Patch Notes

Hotfix 24.2.4

Hotfix 24.2.5

Hotfix 24.2.6

Prime Noggles in Warframe
How to get Prime Noggle (Prime Vault & Prime Access Purchase Required)

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