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Warframe PS4 How to Go From 0p to 100000p Corrupted Mods Part 2

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Corrupted Mods are a great way to make consistent plat in the trade chat since they are in one location and its untransmutable the value of the mod will stay as is. There are 6 popular mods that people will want from you. Blind Rage, Narrow Minded, Transient Fortitude, Heavy Calibur, Overextended and Fleeting Expertise.
Unranked they sell for about 20p-30p depending on who u run into but maxed out is worth more. Blind Rage maxed is worth 175p-200p just like Narrow minded and Transient Fortitude and Heavy cal. These mods can acquired by doing vault runs in the derelict and have a key equipped so that u can get the mod and extract.

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Hey everyone, today we’re doing a transmutation guide for mods! Transmutation is very simple and a very easy way to get free platinum. In this video I show you exactly how much platinum you can earn using 700k credits. I go over the different types of mods you can transmute. Those would be common, uncommon, rare, requiem, peculiar, amalgam, and finally riven mods. Transmutation cores remove cost and change polarity. All in all transmutation is easy. The chances you make tons of platinum isn’t the highest, but the credit investment is pretty low so you can easily profit 50-100 platinum per 1 million credits.

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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator