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The Journey is done, the adventure is complete. The Legend that is KingKacchi has done it guys, 100,000 platinum. Its already done, the grind on ps4 trade chat is real but as KingKacchi does time and time again, he goes bout his business and sells his stuff in trade chat and 1 Year and 3 months later you guys see 100,000 PLATINUM, The King of Plat is Great!

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How to farm corrupted mods Warframe 2021. Corrupted mods farming, everything you need to know about how to build Dragon Keys and get Vault runs going to get Corrupted Mods. **As of a recent update apparently you can equip all 4 keys at once now making Solo farming a lot easier! Thanks to the comments for the info! we’ll discuss corrupted mods drop rate and how you can sell these mods for additional platinum. If you found this corrupted mods guide helpful please subscribe for more Warframe tips.

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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator