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This is the latest skin for Oberon – Feyarch skin, it came with the update 18.7.0 and can be purchased on the market for 245 platinum as a bundle that comes along with a Paris Dryad Skin and Ack & Brunt Danaus Skin. The stand alone of the Feyarch Skin is available at 165 platinum if you do not want the other two weapon skins but do take note that those weapon skins only come as a bundle and cannot be purchased alone so do consider properly before purchasing.

With this, i am doing the Sabotage 2.0 missions one on the Grineer and other on Corpus as i am still trying to farm for the Xiphos parts. I will not go too details into the mission itself as i believe most Tennos out there already know how this new reactor sabotage is done but if you have questions about them, do feel free to ask about and i’ll be glad to help you answer them.

So enjoy the gameplay and new Oberon’s skin ( Can’t wait for Oberon Prime to come now ). P.S. i forgot to mention i did not input music for this video as i really hate the copyright rules that have me to mute my video at later part of date or have them deleted and remake again.

Oberon got some nice new additions in the skin department. We also seen released a new skin for the Ack Brunt and Paris. All of it fitting the same nature like bad ass feel. This video is also the updated version of my original Oberon Build. He still needs a buff and is very outdated in the game. In fact Inaros simply does Oberon better than Oberon.

Items Released

Emerge from the darkened forest with this gnarled old soul.

The unique sword and shield combo of forest warrior Oberon Feyarch.

Oberon Feyarch’s signature bow.
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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator