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VIEW FULL DESCRIPTION FOR TIME LINKS. This is by NO MEANS a “Complete Tutorial”, but rather an Overview Guide that it skims over all the important things to know about when playing Warframe on your progression path from Newbie to End Game.

This video was requested by countless people over the last couple years who gave up the game in frustration not knowing where to go or what to do. It should be thought of as a companion to Digital Extreme’s Junction System AND the Wiki/Other YouTube videos out there. In short, if you find yourself having a question about anything in this video, you should take the opportunity to google that question.


1:43 – Introduction to Warframe
4:21 – Creating an Account (Experience Booster)

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5:41 – Best Starter Warframe
8:36 – Keybinds and ADVANCED Movement System
13:19 – Simple Upgrades & Equipment Overview
15:50 – IN-DEPTH Modding Overview /w Modding Suggestions
27:14 – Mastery Ranks, Tests & Practicing
30:21 – Open World Bounties & Loot
32:22 – How you Progress
33:10 – Early Progression Path
33:46 – Arcwing and Arcwing Launchers
34:45 – Knowing about Clan Specific Items
35:02 – Getting The Tank
35:32 – Getting If you took a Different Frame at the start

35:44 – Spending Premium Currency Warframe & Weapon Slots
36:52 – Getting FREE Platinum without Paying RL Money & Void Relics/Fissures
38:28 – Getting easier Platinum for CHEAP
38:48 – Warframe and “Pay to Win” or not.
40:05 – “Buying Into Warframe” for Dolphins and Whales & Early Platinum Purchase Options

45:09 – Advanced Progression and Natah Quest
47:05 – **Spoiler Warning for Everything Below**

47:33 – BEST Focus School for New Players
52:59 – LUA Drift Mods & Exilus Mod Slot
53:58 – Post-Second Dream Story
54:13 – Orokin Derelict Vaults, Dragon Keys, Corrupted Mods
56:58 – Post War-Within 5 Button Power
57:42 – Getting your AMP & Powered Up Operator
58:50 – Building Amps & Meta (At The Time) Amp
1:00:20 – Kuva Fortress, Kuva Missions, Riven Mods, Rerolling
1:03:46 – Getting your Personal Quarters, Chains of Harrow, Apostasy Prologue
1:04:22 – The Sacrifice & Chimera Prologue

**The End Game**
1:04:57 – Aberrations
1:06:23 – Sorties
1:06:36 – Relic Cracking
1:07:08 – Elite Sanctuary Onslaught
1:07:25 – WHY Eidolon Hunt? Arcane Guardian & Arcane Energize
1:08:42 – The Qulls & Arcane Elevate (Unlimited Self Healing)
1:09:16 – Vox Solaris & Arcane Repair / Arcane Lockdown (Alternate Operator Play-styles)

1:11:48 – The REAL End-Game of Warframe is Pay to Win, Fashion Frame, Tennogen Aka Paid Modding done Right

1:12:49 – In Conclusion, Wrapping Up the Video.

(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator