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Warframe Mastery Rank Test 5 Hacking and Cipher Guide

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Warframe Mastery Rank test/level 5 –

In this video I give the basic run down of what to expect in Mastery Rank test number 5 – Which is a timed, 1 Minute and 45 second test in which you must Hack two levels of consoles (IIRC there are 6 consoles to hack total).

The first round of consoles are of the easy variety with simple patterns, the second and final round are intermediate/more difficult patterns to arrange in the proper alignment to successfully hack and complete the mastery test to rank up to level 5.

I go through the test manually hacking the consoles as DE intended, and following the test, for people newer to the game, I go back to the ship and show where to buy the Cipher blueprints (there is a blueprint to make 1 cipher at a time, and one blueprint to make 10 ciphers at a time) — The 1 Cipher blueprint is 500 credits, the 10 cipher blueprint is 250,000 credits (no platinum needed!).

These blueprints are reuseable forever, and the resources are not rare. Using ciphers are very, very handy in the game. And especially obviously handy during the Spy missions which I discuss in the video.

I go through all the steps from where to buy , where to build, and then finally how to equip them on your warframe so the option to “Use Cipher” is available at any terminal you need to hack.

There is another video on this same test in which I simply use Ciphers to hack every terminal in the Mastery Rank test 5. This, again, ensures zero failure. Which can be found by clicking

Ciphers are for the weak!

Corpus Hack
Grineer Hack

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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator