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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator

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Hello Warframe Fanatics! Hope all my attention deficit comrades survives through the video, I tried making it shorter, i really did!! BTW I learn that you can play my videos at 1.5x speed and you should still be able to understand xD Please leave me a comment of what you think appreciate all the support.

I find it very fascinating that a lot of us actually came to one of the most efficient builds just by trail and error overtime, good job if you are one of them 😉

Energy Efficiency

On a side note, my channel hasn’t been doing very well. If anyone knows why or can point me the right direction on how i can improve please let me know, this is kinda important to me.

Warframe (PC) IGN : Cyaneous
Steam : x3lp
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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator