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How to get items and weapons free from titanium credits, with in game credits. PT language Walk through from start to the craft of item. A quick review about the fast way to get free instead of paying real money. I thankx the views and the subs…. Obrigado best regards sKaR ZeRkeR

Shrine of the Update 22.14.0

Get ready for an encore with this reprise to Octavia’s concerto of mayhem. The audience awaits their Maestra.

Advanced Captura Tools
What’s New/

Place up to 200 Camera Positions, adjust Camera Speeds, and more.
Place up to 5 in-world Text lines (30 char limit per line), with the option to change text color as well.
Added a Cinematic Mode button that removes UI, plays Camera track, etc. You can return to the Captura menu by pressing ESC.
Added Lotus Glow and Edge of Shadows filters.
Added Filter Opacity and Filter Depth sliders for filters.
These options will appear disabled if your Filter is Neutral.
Change the Time of Day and Rain volume in the Plains of Eidolon Scene (applies to each Camera Position).
Moved the Filter option to the top of the list so it doesn’t go offscreen, making some Filters unclickable.
Also worth noting that you can still host an 8 player Captura simply by inviting 7 other players once you’ve loaded into Captura

Arcane System Overhaul
It’s been quite some time since we really dived back into Arcanes. Moving Arcanes to the Teralyst, Gantulyst and Hydrolyst was just the first step in a much bigger movement to improve the Arcane system that some Tenno might not even know exists.

Upon logging in, all Arcanes installed on Cosmetics/Helmets will be Distilled because Arcanes can no longer be installed on Cosmetics/Helmets.
Old Legacy Arcane Helmets will keep their Arcane installed but you can not equip the Legacy Arcane Helmet on a Warframe with 2 Arcanes already installed.
Arcanes can only be installed on your Warframe, Operator, Operator Amp, or Zaw.
You can install 2 Arcanes per Warframe and per Operator.
You can install 1 Arcane on Operator Amps and Zaws.
You can now trade Upgraded Arcanes!

To see full forum post about this update head over

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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator