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Warframe Hotfix 25.2.3 The New Warframe Starter Bundle

(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator

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The Warframe Starter Bundle is limited to one purchase per account and

300 Platinum – Warframe’s In-Game Currency!
7 Day Affinity Booster – Level Up twice as fast!
7 Day Credit Booster – Earn 2x the Credits!
1 Essential Base Damage Mod Bundle – Apply these mods to your Weapons for an instant Damage boost!
1 Orokin Reactor – Upgrade the Mod Capacity of your Warframes!
1 Orokin Catalyst – Upgrade the Mod Capacity of your Weapons!
1 Warframe Slot – Add New Warframes to your collection with more Warframe Slots!
2 Weapon Slots – More Inventory Space for Weapons in your Arsenal
1 Pyra Syandana – During the Orokin Era, only most fierce warriors were permitted to wear this flaming Syandana.
Kumuda Glyph (Starter Pack Exclusive) – Show your Warframe Pride with this exclusive Glyph you can display in your Profile!
Kumuda Sigil (Starter Pack Exclusive) – Pay respect to the Lotus with this elegant Sigil you can apply to your Warframes!

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Just a few days until the PS4 release of Warframe! Open beta is still currently going on for this free online shooting game / space ninja sim XD It has been out for many months now for the PC, and Xbox One will eventually see the game after a PS4 Timed Exclusive. This is the second part of our Warframe Quick Start guide, and this time we go a bit more in-depth on Mods and how to Upgrade them, how Crafting works in the game’s Foundry, and even how to go about farming Mats and blueprints off of bosses.

(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator