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A.) You can either trade or purchase the parts from other players.
B.) Or you can just grind for the parts from these void relics and pray that RNG is kind to you.

*Meso G1 Rare
*Neo G3 Rare
*Axi G1 Rare

*Lith S7 Common
*Lith T3 Common
*Meso C2 Common
*Meso S2 Common
*Meso S4 Common
*Meso S6 Common
*Neo N6 Common
*Neo V2 Common
*Neo V3 Common
*Axi N4 Common
*Axi O2 Common

*Lith S5 Uncommon
*Meso O4 Uncommon
*Neo V2 Uncommon
*Neo Z1 Uncommon
*Axi K2 Uncommon
*Axi O1 Uncommon
*Axi V6 Uncommon
-Requires Mastery Rank 13 to use.
-Only Tenno were strong enough to wield this noble beast of a weapon.
-Galatine Prime is the primed variant of the Galatine heavy sword, boasting higher damage and critical chance.
-This weapon deals primarily Slash damage.
*Cleaving Whirlwind (Vazarin Polarity)*
=Ancient Disruptor 0.03%
=Tar Mutalist MOA 0.03%

*Rending Crane (Madurai Polarity)*
=Kuva Napalm 0.17%
=Napalm 0.17%
=Tusk Napalm 0.17%

*Tempo Royale (Vazarin Polarity)*
=Isolator Bursa 0.06%
=Wolf of Saturn Six 4.17%
=Zealoid Prelate 4.17%
=Conclave Weekly Challenges

*Noble Cadence (Madurai Polarity) (PvP Only)*
=Conclave 2,000 Standing
+Second highest base damage of all heavy blades, behind Gram Prime.
+High Slash damage = effective against health.
+Tied with Scindo Prime and War for the third highest critical chance of all heavy blades, behind Paracesis and Gram Prime.
+Tied with War for the third highest status chance of all heavy blades, behind Masseter and Gram Prime.
+Tied with Galatine and Masseter for the fastest attack speed of all heavy blades.
+Stance slot has Vazarin Polarity, matches Cleaving Whirlwind Stance and Tempo Royale stance.
+Two innate Madurai Polarities.

-Low Impact and Puncture damage = less effective against shields and armor.
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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator