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Warframe Guide Neptune Spy Mission Laomedeia Fast & Easy Loki Gameplay

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Warframe (Guide) – Neptune Spy Mission Laomedeia Fast & Easy (Loki Gameplay)

Laomedeia is one of the spy mission that sometimes pops-up on sortie so let’s have a look on how can we complete the vaults fast and easy.
There are a few frames that do better than most. You can go Loki for the speed, Ivara or Limbo if you’re having trouble with laser and Octavia is also a great choice.
That said, you don’t need a specific frames and the mission can be completed with any Warframe in the game but cloaked frames can make things a bit more simpler.

Laomedeia Drop Tables :

Here’s my LGV Warframe Glyph :

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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator