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Baro is currently at the Leonov Relay on Europa, some nice cosmetics in the way of armour, I don’t have these yet, and I’d really like them, pretty good looking items.

Primed Pistol Ammo Mutation
High Voltage
Shell Shock

Viper Wraith
Prisma Gorgon

Deimos Saxum Prex
Deimos Carnis Prex
Parazon Poster
Ignis Towsun Skin
Gorgon Towsun Skin
Pack Leader Emblem
Prisma Uru Syandana
Prisma Latron Shoulder Plate
Prisma Latron Leg Plate
Prisma Latron Chest Plate
Quanta Auefis Skin
prisma Jet Sentinel Wings
Pyra Sugatara
Akka Luxxum Ornament
Sima Luxxum Ornament
Mesa Immortal Skin
Fae Path Ephemera

Sands Of Inaros Blueprint
Corrupted Bombard Specter Blueprint

(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator