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Warframe EP 1 Beginners Guide Series 2019 | How to Progress / Settings / Movement

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Warframe Beginners guide Episode 1,

This is EP1 of the new Warframe beginners guide series, In this tutorial we talk about

1. What to work on as a new player
2. Settings to change that will enhance your experience
3. Movement, fluid movement and moving through the map at speed.

I am hoping to put out a new guide to build on this knowledge every week, getting more advanced as we go.

Reference for “Where do i get X resource?”

Reference for “What Weapons can I get at X Mastery rank?”

I’d love to know your thoughts on this approach and any thing you would like me to tackle next.
Episiode 2:
– What is Mastery? How do I get it? how important is it?
– What are mods how do they work (Basics)

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Special Thanks to SkullTheDread for helping with the Thumbnails ??

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Please “Sea of Ashen Winds, The Heist”


A short video establishing the timeline for Helios’ inability to scan Fragments between Hotfix 24.2.7 and Hotfix 24.2.8 While also containing the reasons behind the change according to DE Pablo and the community response to the reasoning.

Helios Wikia Entry

Update 12.5: Helios Patch Notes

Hotfix 24.2.7 Patch Notes – Helios no longer scans Solaris Lore Fragments.
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E. C. Delacroix & [DE] Pablo’s Twitter Chain regarding Helios inconsistency & player comments

Annoying Killah’s All Thousand-Year Fish Fragment Locations Video

Warframe Subreddit reference to players continuing to scan Thousand Year fish with Helios.

Andrew Singleton & [DE] Pablo’s Twitter chain regarding Helios inconsistency & assistance.

K Campbell’s & [DE] Pablo’s Twitter chain regarding Helios Scanning inconsistency.

Allow Helios to Scan Everything Again – Warframe Subreddit Post

I have, with best correction, 20/250 vision. The changes in Helios scan behavior actively makes the game worse for me. – Warframe Subreddit Post

Hotfix 24.2.8 Patch Notes – Reverted the recent Helios scanning changes to restore its ability to scan collectibles (Thousand-Year Fish, Fortuna Lore Fragments, etc). After much player and internal feedback, we’re keeping this a ‘bug turned feature’.

My All Warframes w/ Timestamps

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