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A simple video showing how to configure and use WE, made by ABUductor.

0:13 – Hide HUD
0:23 – Fusion Assist
1:13 – Rapid-Fire
2:33 – Auto-Melee
3:00 – Ability Configuration
3:37 – Duration Mods Configuration
4:02 – Changing Warframes and Mods
4:19 – How Doest the Counter Works
5:20 – Configuring Buttons (this only changes the counter activating button)
5:31 – Changing the Font
5:47 – Changing Which Hotkey Activate Which and Changing Hotkeys/Activation Keys

About the options in program I didn’t explain
Q – What is the Configuration Window Minimized On Start?
A – When I opened the program, you saw It pop up in my screen, checking this button makes it stay in the system tray

Q – What is Enable Alt+Tab Fix?
A – When you Alt+Tab outside the game, It’ll take to the configuration screen instead of other windows

Q – What is Auto-Exit?
A – When the program do not detect the Warframe open, it’ll close itself in 60 seconds (you can change this)

Q – In Rapid-Fire and Auto-Melee, what is the Delay?
A – Lower the number, faster you shoot. Please note that too low values will bug the program.

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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator