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Warframe | Eidolons | MR5 VS Trinity PoV 6×3 | 6 Hydrolysts Captured

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What does it take to hunt? To hunt effectively? How about a 6×3?

Volt (DPS) – AziDHK
Trinity – Aznvasions
Volt – Obsessionss
Harrow – BubbleXXF


This is a run on an alt, with missing waybounds, no ciphers, and no energy pads. What is important to notice is that hunting eidolons is much more heavily dependent on knowledge and practice, rather than your gear. Gear is generally standardized somewhere between 3×3 and 4×3. People who run 6×3 use the exact same gear, there is nothing special going on. What sets the runs apart is the execution, which depends on mechanical practice, and situational awareness.

You will see that even without proper gear, it is still possible to play arguably the most gear-demanding role – Trinity. You need to find, hack, and drop of lures, and also charge lures in a timely manner while also DPSing shields, all done without your usual access to energy pads and ciphers.

I only have access to a 123 amp on this account at the time of the run, which is a Raplak Prism, Shraksun Scaffold, Lohrin Brace amp. This is considered the best amp you can build at Cetus before unlocking the Tier 7 parts at Fortuna with Vox. I still try to build as much VS as I can so that I can switch to Raplak whenever possible. You will see Shraksun, while considered as inferior to Propa, is very far from being bad, and I still take full shields with it here and there. All things considered, the run is successfully achieevd, with all expected duties of the Trinity role accomplished.

Currently, this mainline of Warframe has dead AI for lures and voms. Lures float higher and move slower, but tp much faster. Voms move at a snails pace. So as a Trinity, your duty to charge lures becomes much more significant, as you are no longer fed voms during healing phase from further spawns as before.

Remember that it is practice that gets you there, not your gear. Hopefully this clears up the misconceptions on “mandatory gear” and 6×3 being perceived as such a distant and impossible benchmark without the absolute meta setups. The builds shown at the end use the absolute minimum requirements, and are easily accessible to all. The only forma used on Trinity was to change her aura polarity to allow Corrosive Projection.

Builds are shown at the end.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


A useful warframe clock overlay hunters use to keep track of time left in/until night. This is featured in the bottom left corner of all my runs. It also tracks other useful info like arbi and kuva node rotations.

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Eidolon Zone – Rather you need help or wanna recruit for the Eidolons, this server can suit your needs.

A useful tool made by kouks, a fellow well-respected hunter in the community. Here you will find the propa mini-game to practice and improve your timing, as well as the run analyzer featured in many 6×3 VoDs in the past few months.

(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator