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Warframe | Earning Free Platinum Through Baro Ki’Teer | Beginner’s Guide

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Okay today we’re going over another method to make some platinum for free. That method would be through your man Baro Ki’Teer, the void trader. Pretty simple really, farm up a lot of prime parts so you can turn them into ducats through the ducat kiosk. Then buy some prime mods from Baro. Then sell those prime mods to some players. EZPZ. It’s important to note that the prime mods will make the most money, but you can also sell the rare mods if they are truly high priced same with the extra weapons. This isn’t the best possible method or anything, but if you have a bunch of junk primes that you can turn into ducats it would be better to do that than to let them rot in your inventory. Hope this helps!

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Its been 2 yrs since my last vid where i talked about how to go from 0p to 100,000 platinum and since then there have been a number of changes since then so he is my updated vid on the trade chat and what is needed to get from 0p to 200,000 platinum. Nothing has really changed except the fact that the trade chat is flooded with rivens so its a no brainer to have rivens if u want to start grinding for platinum.

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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator