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Quick video showcasing what the current state of the hack is. Not sure what I’m going to do with the hack yet.
-Entire DirectX Renderer is rewritten from scratch with extremely
high quality AA font.
– Full Item esp has been added.(Containers,Pickups,Lockers, etc…Anything you name it). Watch for the items in the background of the video. The item esp also works in Archwing missions.
– Hack stability has considerably improved since the previous builds. The hack is now reading the data from a much safer location than previously also I made several improvements from the feedback I got from previous builds.
– The esp will now work when you go invisible and will reveal all invisible enemies/allies.
– Hack now works on Windows 7 now(no longer need the D3D Compiler Dependency).

– Bunch of other stuff I’m to lazy to type out atm. :'(

This video provides you with information on Requiem Relics & Requiem Mods on top of how and where to farm them. Requiem Mods are required to take down generated Kuva Liches that were introduced in Update 26: The Old Blood in 2020.

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How to Opt-Out of Kuva Liches

How to create a Kuva Lich

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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator