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Of all the Warframes I’ve encountered in this game, Nidus has got to be one of the most wildly adaptive and unique ones on the roster. 42 Frames/”heros” to choose from, and this guy… Wew lad! Get ready for some freaky, eldritch stuff!

Sadly, I missed covering how to get this Frame on the stream. Nidus’ main blueprint is acquired from The Glast Gambit quest. Nidus’ component blueprints are acquired from Rotation C (every 4th round) of Infested Salvage (Oestrus, Eris).

Passive — A unique resource where for every 5 hits you land with certain abilities you’ll earn a “Mutation Stack.” The more Stacks you have (up to 100), the stronger certain abilities are. Having 15+ grants you access to the second feature of Nidus’ Undying passive ability.
Passive 2 — As a Warframe that doesn’t have shielding, Nidus recovers health at a rapid rate without needing to pick up orbs. When taking fatal damage with 15 or more Mutation Stacks, Nidus will revive with 50% of his health restored and a 5 second window of invincibility. If under 15, Nidus will still spend Stacks in an attempt to revive.

Rank 1 — Rupture the ground with a damaging fungal growth that steals energy from each enemy it strikes. For every five enemies hit, the Infestation mutates, multiplying its destructive force.
Teeming Virulence is a Warframe Augment Mod for Nidus that grants increased critical chance for Nidus’ primary weapon upon hitting 4 enemies with a single use of Virulence.

Rank 3 — Spawn an Infested pod that erupts with tendrils, latches onto nearby enemies and pulls them in.
Larva Burst is a Warframe Augment Mod for Nidus’s Larva that allows the player to detonate Larva by recasting the ability, dealing Toxin damage proportional to the enemies trapped in Larva beforehand in a small area of effect.

Rank 7 — Parasitic Bind to a target with parasitic link. When cast on an ally, both the host and Nidus have their Ability Strength increased. Linked enemies take some of the damage inflicted on Nidus. Requires 1 Mutation Stack to cast.
No Augments exist for this ability.

Rank 10 — Gluttonous maggots swarm nearby enemies, feasting until they burst with Infestation. The maggots benefit from Mutation and each enemy consumed adds to the Mutation stack. Requires 3 Mutation Stacks to cast.
Insatiable is a Warframe Augment Mod for Nidus’s Ravenous that grants him a chance to generate an additional Mutation stack when gaining one while standing on the spawning grounds.

(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator