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Warframe Update 28: The Deadlock Protocol is live on PC & here are the patch notes in video form showcasing the new additions & changes.

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Iwoply is a Warframe Partnered content creator who receives selected New Content in Warframe for Free as a part of the Day One Access Program that Digital Extremes offers to help produce videos on said content faster.

Iwoply covers various topics in Warframe extensively through News Updates, Weekly Recaps of released information ‘Last Week in Warframe’, Hotfix & Update Patch Note Coverage, Archives of old content, History videos focussed on updating new players on previous events & controversies, Guides for content, Compiled Dialogue & Story videos, Collectibles & FashionFrame showcases.

Iwoply does have a Warframe Glyph that can be used in game and in order to access this glyph you’ll need to acquire an UNUSED code from the end of his videos and place it into the Promo Code section of the Warframe

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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator