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Warframe – Corpus Spy Sortie with Oloro MOA

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In this video you’ll see the auto-hacking capabilities of MOA Companions (Security Override Mod) tested in a Corpus Sortie Spy Mission.

The Oloro Model comes with the Security Override Precept which allows our robotic companion to hack any hackable console for you. On the paper it looks like the ultimate hacking tool and so I decided to test it on the field during a Sortie Spy Mission.

I included a description in the video but I want to add a couple of things here.
When MOAs were first released this Mod had problems and some times it simply didn’t seem to work. Also the pathing of MOAs was also causing issues.

Currently the Mod appears to work as intended and while in certain occasions the MOA can take several seconds before he/she decides to move to the console, our robotic friends don’t ignore their duty and they take care of any console they find.

Overall, Security Override gets the job done and it is indeed an useful asset if you aren’t in the mood of dealing with consoles yourself.

However don’t expect it to be an “auto-win button” for spy missions: your MOA will take care of hacking but you still need to navigate the Data Vault.
Beside the MOA has no way to counter the…well..let’s call them “not properly trained” teams you can run into public Sortie Spy Missions…and there are many of them lol 🙂

However it’s worth to mention at the moment of this video it has been reported that Data Vaults hacked by MOAs will result in an “Undetected Extraction” even if the alarms are trigged. It is unknown if it is a bug or not, though.

If you have any question feel free to ask.

Thanks for watching 🙂

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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator