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I did mention in the description of my last video that the next one would be out in the near future. And relative to the other times I’ve said it, I guess that’s kinda true… Alright, but it’s an improvement!

This is the second video on Warframe I had planned out of 3. Last video will be the actual review, although you can probably guess my thoughts on the game from this video alone.

2. Saya’s
3. Let’s talk about the heavily flawed “negative platinum system”:
4. DE needs a better way to handle “black market”
5. cant access account due to NEGATIVE
6. negative
7. Negative Platinum?:
8. Unpopular Negative Platinum, more often than not, is just DE removing RMT
9. I’m honestly fed up with DE not acknowledging the negative platinum
10. Be careful when accepting free
11. Negative Platinum Balance
12. [RANT] This banning for tainted platinum problem is way out of hand!:
13. Someone is buying plat from a third part reseller and gifting to try and get people banned/waste their plat. 250p down and a warning accusing me of using 3rd part plat seller. Gifting now turned
14. DE really is sloppy with negative plat
15. DE needs to openly address problems with how they handle negative plat balance/fraudulent

I didn’t mention it in the video, but if you’re struggling with spy missions, this video helped me a

(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator