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Baruuk builds and demo. UPDATED READ BELOW
Video shows the old build.

The old builds are more than ok to fight in Hydron etc, specially in a team (more mobs and orbs), but what happens if you want to take Baruuk on a lvl 100 mission like high kuva, or running (e.g. extermination) ones.
Ok, after further testing I came up with 2 new builds, aiming at the energy management.
What I didn’t like about Baruuk is trying to balance between energy & restraint, I find that these 2 counters are really choking gameplay and are too much of pressure.
Since restraint is a weird resource and harder to control, energy had to be taken care of.

Two things about the new builds

the new builds are compatible to the old ones (except 1 forma for the umbral) in terms of polarities, and the idea behind them remains the same too. What’s new is the usage of adrenaline/rage.
Why, what about elude?
360 elude is wrong, it takes more slots and gives negative stats.
Elude is similar to Zephyr’s shield, it protects from ranged fire but not from bombers, hooks, poison clouds, melee hits. That’s also why vitality is needed. So since 360º elude does not protect you, why not use 180º elude and the hits that pass through, make them energy regen.

Build 1 – eco (standard)
imgur link template

What I don’t like here is mainly the 555 health, it’s not enough to make good use of adrenaline/rage, specially with no quick thinking. But it’s customizable.

Build 2 – umbral mods (suggested)
imgur build
imgur stats

The umbral is the first build I tried on Baruuk, I switched from it to go for 300 strength, but it’s the best choice.
It offers 637 health which gives more room to get hit and heal up (lvl 100 missions are more viable now), and very low energy consumption plus regen to forget about energy and focus on restraint.
200 strength is still high and doesn’t affect the fight, you still kill the same mobs like before by using serene storm, and with the same number of hits or so.

Desert wind builds remain the same.

1. Have you tried to slide attack with serene storm up yet?
Use it vs heavy targets.
2. If you’re short on energy, cast desolate hands and turn elude off.
This way you’ll make better use of adrenaline/rage too.


Baruuk feels like a weaker version of Excalibur but with a larger targeting window. Mid range fighter with high survivability, his abilities are strong vs high level normal mobs but not as good vs heavy targets.

Baruuk’s 4th is everything, the other abilities are supportive and fuel it.
Try to keep 1 & 3 up when fighting and cast 2 when there are many mobs around.
1st & 4th are channeled abilities, when active they drain energy and restraint.

1. Elude & ‘Dodge incoming projectiles when you don’t attack, to generate restraint’. But not attacking is really rare, and so is having mobs behind you as well. 360º (200 range) is just a waste of slots and stats. This build’s Elude range is 180º.
2. Energy turn abilities off when you don’t need them, especially if bars are not full. If you use zenurik don’t forget to turn 1st ability off or you don’t replenish energy.
3. Switch natural talent with adaptation vs level +100 mobs. Use same slot to make other changes if you like.

Range (360º) alt build – imgur screenshot

(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator