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Top 5 Best Free PC Games On Steam 2021

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This is a video where I show you the better free games on steam which i was able to find, these are Personal Preference’s and are available for free on PC.

You can get these games on

The list of the free games featured in this

Destiny 2:



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My Mesa Prime build, including links to regulators and all the other weapons, will be linked below. You don’t need all this but its my preferred Loadout. ill include Railjack integrated Avionics(Overframe doesn’t have RJ yet) at the bottom too but its all pretty generic other than the clearly visible front gun not being Apocs. Photors because until very recently I used a laptop, these are also the best choice for side guns if you play with people in other countries, because they are Hitscan, lag makes Apocs very difficult to use and with Munitions vortex Photor will wipe a crowd well within the time limit of the ability. don’t waste your boost zooming around mid fight, save it for when you need to peel off. Void cloak is great as seen here, I didn’t set solo mode, and didn’t have my settings quite right, without it i would have had to deal with that. want a drink? probably have time.

1: Get away from the Crewships, as well as any objectives that will hurt you(i.e. the ship killer platform seen here).

2: Kill all fighters. fighters are much faster than Crewships and will abandon them immediately, boost out if you started getting bombed by Crewships, and use rocks etc to put a barrier between you and the ship if you’re boarded peel off of the fighters and kill the boarding party, the bombs can be annoying to find sometimes. this step is much faster with Munitions Vortex, and faster still with Void hole too. I didn’t time most of these but there is one that was perfect, ideally you want to have Void hole end just as the vortex goes off

3: Wingclip the crew ships by shooting out their rear engines, as shown, this stops their fire, and movement. use manoeuvres to dodge the missiles as needed but don’t overuse it or you wont be able to boost out if needed.

None of the Crewships in this run had shields, take these out by blowing up the Generators on top and underneath them, 3 in total.

4: Things are pretty easy from here, just kill any boarders and resolve any burning etc before moving on. if you want to leave your computer use Void Cloak.

5: Start killing Crewships, you can use the main gun or board them, both are pretty quick, each one you kill will bring a new one in. if your stealth farming then instead of blowing them up, just kill everything on board and jump in the pilot seat for a second, that will summon another ship as though you blew it up, to a cap, and all the ships you bring in like this will send boarders to your Railjack

Extra step(stealth farming): hang out on your Railjack with, to my recommendation, Ivara and a finisher weapon. hammers work really well for that and i used a Kuva shildeg and Ivara to farm intrinsics.

6: For each ship you spawn in, repeat step 3 quickly, as you can see you do have time to board another ship before doing this but no pressure.

7: Park behind a rock, or some other kind of cover, and fly to the objective. if your cover is far from the objective use the slingshot. Complete the objective. if your not on an anomaly level, your done.

8: complete sentient anomaly. Rad weapons do bonus damage, though not if their armour is striped, this was being done by my Kavat.

9: if you need resources, use the Ram to fly through rocks and collect stuff, and munitions vortex for dense areas that are annoying to navigate.

My Mesa Prime build, link to weapons and Archwing in the description. :

Bulk head, Hyper strike, Hull weave, Conic nozzle, Artillery cheap shot, Section density, Ion Burn, Deep hold.

This Video was using the new beta graphics options, there was no option for ray tracing, pretty sure it just goes on with those two.

(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator

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