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The Simulacrum & All You Need To Know Warframe

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“The Simulacrum is a place where players can test their Warframe & Weapon builds on their own terms. You can access the Simulacrum after purchasing the Access Key from Cephalon Simaris’ Kiosk in any Relay for 50,000 Standing.”

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Ahoy thar, Legion! Gotta request to make a guide on how to get free cosmetic items (color palettes, skins, etc) as a pure free to player. Took a looong while to compile, but if it helps ya out, it’ll all be worth it! Customize your Warframe and give ’em some character with a whole assortment of attachments and even weapon skins! All without spending a dime on platinum OR having to trade for it!

Ducat Farming Guide for Baro Ki’Teer

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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator