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The 13.8 million giveaway on Minesuperior survival | Zgood at 200 subscribers

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Giveaway to all of you Minesuperior survival players, 13.8 mil is a great prize but in this video we are going to explain how you will enter and make sure u get your entry for the giveaway. The giveaway will be opened for 7 days! 3 winners will be chosen trough gleam in the week after.

Link to the

More info on the giveaway here, join the discord for the giveaway

1st Jackpot prize
10.000.000 Minesuperior coins
20 vote party keys

2nd Prize.
3.778.000 minesuperior coins
15 vote party keys!

Starter farm
5 stacks of Pistons + Redstone blocks + Stone bricks and a Chunk Collector, + 1 netherite

Minesuperior. hub.mcs.gg

Zgood is back on Minesuperior. Playing the gamemode Minesuperior Survival emerald but having experience from Towny exalted, Skyblock chaos and others we will help you get better.

Minesuperior is a server mostly focussed on economy, there is a variaty of stuff such as Survival, Skyblock , Towny , OP prison , Factions ( With prize money) and creative.

My main goal is to help out people, so help me get my videos out there, share, like and subscribe for more!

I Do Not Own the copyrigth of these songs they are for entertainment ONLY
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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator