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Taste Test #05 Warframe with Friend

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Warframe (Class): Volt
PC – Windows 10 (1440p)

All music by Jon Fost.

More gameplay (other Warframe let’s play videos):

Official game

This is a taste test of Warframe. The series will be a minimum of 5 episodes. If the immersion level is extremely high, this taste test could be turned into a full meal.

Warframe is a free-to-play, online, action game. They call it a third-person shooter, but you can do more than just shoot. You can also melee with a sword and throw lightning from you hand, etc. It’s completely free to download and play with friends, but you can also pay for content packs with real money.

No trolling, no pwning, no glitching, and definitely no cheating with hacks of any kind–just legit and fun and maybe funny sometimes; it’s how Jon likes immersive gaming to be.

Run is a bit laggy because of the recorder, so im gonna go try and fix my old windows default recorder and see if i can also work on getting rid of those, dark edges….

“sorry for the ads link… but this will help me get a better system”

I hate farming resourses, it’s like leveling up your pokemons without exp share to lvl100

I’m not lazy to hunt, but i’m lazy to get pads for them special runs, so i’m gonna go eco…sad for the riven i bought, i think i’m gonna have to get another one, why do i say “pads for them special runs”? because using pads to fly isn’t very efficient, and i try to use as less as possible in runs, i use about 30-40 pads in just 9 minutes, can you imagine that?? you spend 1+hour farming to use almost half your pack in just 9 minutes, but honestly im in no position to complain because im pretty sure Squad energy restores aren’t supposed to be used that way, as for chipers i use only 8. and i don’t honestly need them on runs now a days, but i like using them better then fast hacking.

0:00 Intro
0:20 Teralyst
3:52 Gantulyst
7:30 Hydrolyst
10:55 Extraction

(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator