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Warframe PS4 How to Go From 0p to 100000p Corrupted Mods Part 2

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Corrupted Mods are a great way to make consistent plat in the trade chat since they are in one location and its untransmutable the value of the mod will stay as is. There are 6 popular mods that people will want from you. Blind Rage, Narrow Minded, Transient Fortitude, Heavy Calibur, Overextended and Fleeting Expertise.
Unranked they sell for about 20p-30p depending on who u run into but maxed out is worth more. Blind Rage maxed is worth 175p-200p just like Narrow minded and Transient Fortitude and Heavy cal. These mods can acquired by doing vault runs in the derelict and have a key equipped so that u can get the mod and extract.

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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator

Warframe Online Cheats

Warframe How To Get From 0p To 200000 Platinum UPDATED

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Its been 2 yrs since my last vid where i talked about how to go from 0p to 100,000 platinum and since then there have been a number of changes since then so he is my updated vid on the trade chat and what is needed to get from 0p to 200,000 platinum. Nothing has really changed except the fact that the trade chat is flooded with rivens so its a no brainer to have rivens if u want to start grinding for platinum.

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Warframe Online Cheats

Tutorial how to extract character models from video games with ninjaripper EN #savenosgoth

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how to extract character models from any video game with ninjaripper (EN) #savenosgoth

In this video I show step-by-step how I did for ripping the 3D models and textures from video games. I’m using Nosgoth as an example here because this game will be cancelled on May 31st. So I hope that this video can work as an iniciative to preserve Nosgoth’s content before it’s lost forever.

All Nosgoth 3D models and textures I was able to extract so far are

If you have any problems ripping the models from your game or the game crashes during the model ripping, try to delete the d3dX.dll files from the game folder and try to run ninjaripper again to solve this problem.



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Road from 0 to 100000 Platinum in Warframe EP 1

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This is a weekly series that I aim to complete in a short amount of time possible! I will be making weekly updates with some trading tips that I learn along the road and general things that I have had luck selling that week. I hope that this will help all the viewers either sell some of their own things or provide weekly entertainment to everyone!

#ad As of Update 25: The Jovian Concord #Warframe players must now enable Two Factor Authentication in order to trade with other players and in doing so, they will get an exclusive Ephemera.

This Video is #sponsored by Digital Extremes and I have been payed for its production.

Official Warframe 2FA


Update 25: The Jovian Concord Patch


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