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Reviews Per Minute Ep.1 Ack And Brunt

(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator

We start off the series with Tyl Regors weapon of choice, the Ack and Brunt!

It’s the start of something new! In the RPM series, I’ll be reviewing each and every weapon, warframe, archgun and archwing in game-
but just a minute each!
I’ll be ranking each from highest to lowest as,
Worth 8 Forma
Worth a potato
Worth the inventory
Waste of a slot
Waste of Mastery

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Music- Aurora- JJD and Alex Skrindo

Update 17.0.5
The Ack & Brunt is a Grineer Sword and Shield weapon that came straight from Tyl Regor’s boss fight on Uranus. The two stance mods available are Eleventh Storm, which drops from the Lephantis boss fight, and Final Harbinger, which drops from the Drekar Manics. It looks a little mediocre at first glance, but the 20% critical chance makes it a very solid weapon choice with the Berserker mod. Style your warframe like Tyl Regor with this sword and board weapon, available from the Dojo Meth-er, Chem Lab today!

(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator