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PS4 Warframe MR 30 Test Mastery Rank 30

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Mastery Rank 30 Practice Test completed on PS4. This test was available on the PS4 around Oct 14, 2020.

This test is similar to a survival mission. There are 5 stages. In each stage, you need to kill a specific number of enemies, then marked ‘bosses’ will show up. Kill them and activate the life support tower to proceed to the next stage. The ‘oxygen’ counter counts down from 99. Each enemy you kill has a chance to drop a life support module to replenish 10. The life support tower at the end of each stage replenishes 35.

Mesa Prime and her Regulators make this test relatively easy. I have a Helminth-infused build with Quiver replacing her 1st ability. I didn’t really need to use her Shatter Shield. Only annoyances are the Nullifiers and Arbritration(nullifier) Drones. Once you take those out, everything else can be killed with Mesa. I’ve included my build at the end of the video.

I used a Catchmoon Kitgun as my secondary. Didn’t really need my Primary.

I qualified for and completed the MR30 test on Oct 27, 2020. Here’s the

Legit farming platinum

(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator