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PS4 Warframe 101 Zenistar Builds 2020 1 Forma + No Riven || The Second Login Weapon

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A.) The Zenistar is exclusive to the Daily Tribute system. It will become available every 200 days, beginning at day 100, until chosen as the Milestone reward. It comes with a free weapon slot and pre-installed Orokin Catalyst.
B.) Additional blueprints can be bought from Cephalon Simaris for 100,000 Reputation.
-Requires Mastery Rank 6 to use.
-Scorch enemies with blistering blows, or set them ablaze with the flying fire disc.
-The Zenistar is a flaming war axe obtained through the Daily Tribute system. Its secondary attack ejects a disc that deals Heat damage over time for a duration based on the current Combo Multiplier.
-This weapon cannot be sold.
-This weapon deals primarily Heat and Slash damage.
*Cleaving Whirlwind (Vazarin Polarity)*
=Ancient Disruptor 0.03%
=Tar Mutalist MOA 0.03%

*Rending Crane (Madurai Polarity)*
=Kuva Napalm 0.17%
=Napalm 0.17%
=Tusk Napalm 0.17%

*Tempo Royale (Vazarin Polarity)*
=Isolator Bursa 0.06%
=Wolf of Saturn Six 4.17%
=Zealoid Prelate 4.17%
=Conclave Weekly Challenges

*Noble Cadence (Madurai Polarity) (PvP Only)*
=Conclave 2,000 Standing
*Voltaic Strike (Madurai Polarity)*
=Baro Ki’Teer
=Event ( Mutalist Incursions, Tethra’s Doom)

*Vicious Frost (Madurai Polarity)*
=Event ( Cryotic Front)
=Spy (T1)

*Virulent Scourge (Madurai Polarity)*
=Event (The Cicero Crisis)
=Corrupted Vor 25%

*Berserker (Madurai Polarity)*
=Corrupted Ancient 0.03%
=Infested Chroma 0.6%
=Infested Mesa 0.6%
=Tenno Specter 0.6%

*Drifting Contact (Vazarin Polarity)*
=Any Nightmare Missions

*Corrupt Charge (Madurai Polarity)*
=Orokin Vault (Derelict)

*Quickening (Madurai Polarity)*
=Defense (DS)
=Defection (T1)
=Survival (DS1, DS2)

*Primed Pressure Point, Primed Reach and Primed Fever Strike*
=Baro Ki’Teer ONLY!
=Cannot be traded by other players
+Innate Heat damage = effective against Cloned Flesh, Infested, and Infested Flesh.
+High Impact damage = effective against shields.
+Second highest status chance of all heavy blades, behind Gram Prime.
+Heavy Attack releases a floating disc that deals Impact on contact and then releases a Heat explosion. The disc stays in place and radiates a damaging Heat aura with a base duration of 10 seconds and scales with Combo Multiplier.
+Stance slot has a Madurai Polarity, matches Mod Rending Crane Stance.
+Innate Madurai Polarity.
-Innate Heat damage = less effective against Proto Shields.
-No Puncture = less effective against armor.
-Damage cannot be increased with Puncture mods.
-Low critical chance.
-Second slowest attack speed of all heavy blades, after Gram Prime.
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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator