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Welcome To my Youtube Channel I am Talic007 Even buddy’s at work call me Talic.
I Stream all my games on Twitch.tv/Talic0071990 then upload here Check my Stream for giveaways.
alittle about my self, I live in Canada Love to Dirt bike and game along with other things, me and my buddys ran CoD for as long as we can remember and have beat Top players that call them self good because they go to MLG events, we even Beat team FEAR in Bops2 and Beat some kid Teepee or something in Dubz along with others one thing I will never forget was when I played erpuzzetta he was Ranked #1 in score for cod4 and that was my game and I had a match with him in on Gamebattles beat him 2-0 then he rage quits and disputes prob the best moment of cod4 for me just to prove to myself I was better then him and I was one of the best to play cod4 back in the day.

Pour la première fois, les Tennos seront libres d’explorer, de combattre et de virevolter dans les environnements totalement ouverts de la planète Terre dans l’extension Plaines d’Eidolon.

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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator