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Number 1 Way To Get Platinum In Warframe

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So today I wanted to go over the best way to get platinum, and a close second one that I should talk about because of future updates.

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So I thought I would go over the best way to get platinum. First method I go over was because of future updates possibly messing with the market. Really rivens are without a doubt the best way to earn platinum. You can sell vaulted rivens, buy low sell high, reroll a riven and sell it. Really you have many options. The riven market is a hard market to crack though, I myself am no expert so I would look into pricing and stats before messing with it. You can always sell unvaulted ones and rivens you don’t want if you feel like it at least. Very good rivens go for over 1000 platinum so it’s good to know you can make a ton of money.

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Salut a toi tenno aujourd’hui une vidéo qui ma énormément était demandé par les membres de mon clan une vidéo ou je donne mes techniques et j’explique comment ce faire des platines sur warframe facilement et gratuitement
( il existe de nombreuse technique cette vidéo n’est donc que mes techniques et j’en ai surement oublié hésité donc pas a donné les vôtres en commentaire sa aidera surement )

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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator