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Make Nyx A God With This Assimilate Setup!

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Utilizing quick thinking and rage, you can stop your impending death by casting right before all your health is gone (quick thinking is there so you have a couple extra moments in case you don’t time it right) and recast absorb. Then, use the furis, channeling with life strike, or health gaining syndicate procs to boost your health for the next near death experience.

Alternatively, you can use syndicate mods and weapons that have energy gain affects, from Cephalon Suda or the Red Veil and instead rely on allies (curative undertow, renewal, blessing, etc) or Medi-Ray to gain health.

Either way, you become a true tank that isn’t bound by fancy regeneration (wukong) or easy health gains (Inaros) to survive.

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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator