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Mags Magnetic MayHem Build

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Wussup Wit it!!!!!! GameGuy Here With Another video for the synergy series
this one is with mag the scourge and kulstar
the way this works is 1 on the SCOURGE you wanna get your status chance as high as possible (with only corrosive) and fire rate mods …. damage mods aren’t needed you may also wanna add tactical reload to avoid reloading…EVER…. 2 for the kulstar you should go with your strongest build( preferably viral) 3 now that your Set! you then wanna cast magnetize on a group of enemy’s and proceed to unload the scourge stripping the groups armor WHILE LEAVING ONLY ONE BULLET TO THROW SCOURGE INTO THE BUBBLE. (This automatically makes you switch to your secondary and starts the reloading process on the scourge.) Immediately after tossing the scourge your gonna shoot the kulstar into the stripped group for MASSIVE Damage… pick up your Scourge and repeat …..ps i know its the simulacrum but its still cool anyways

A video showing anyone how to sell the most commonly requested items, and other ways to make endless platinum, which in turns degrades all values….IS NOW LIVE!
The one and ONLY Warframe Platinum Making Guide, period.
So…while in Warframe, you’re generating valuable resources. I wanted to share with you all how to easily turn those resources into platinum, and eventually get into making over 1000 plat a week!
Apologies to the ones that have created a mountain of platinum using exactly what’s shown, but no apologies if you’ve never shared how.


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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator