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Lets Max (Warframe) E71 – Carrier + Sweeper Prime!

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In Episode 71 we take a look at the newest prime sentinal, the ever popular Carrier Prime. Sorry for the delay in videos. having huge issues with Graphics Card drivers, luckily my new one arrives tomorrow.

Drop Locations:
Blueprint – Tower IV Interception A
Cerebrum – Tower II Exterminate
Carapace – Tower III Exterminate
Systems – Tower IV Sabotage

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P.S. I didn’t have a Silva and Aegis, so I figured Ack and Brunt would be a suitable stand in.

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Music by: MDK
Song Titles:Press Start, Azalea, Frostbite, Boss Rush (w/Neowing), Falcon Punch, Katana, Electabuzz (ft.Nick Sadler), Frostbite, Dream Eater, Maverick Hunter, Phoenix (ft. Nick Sadler), Rise, Syndrome.
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Endcard Art by: Thunderalchemist18
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Endcard Music: Miles Away [Provided by NoCopyrightSound]
Music By: Kasger & Limitless
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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator