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Kuva Kohm Build 2019 Guide The ?King? of Shotguns Warframe Gameplay

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Kuva Kohm Build 2019 (Guide) – The King of Shotguns (Warframe Gameplay)

I’m a big fan of shotguns! I build all of them and extensively test them and I can comfortably say there’s something powerful for everyone!
The Kuva Kohm improves on an already powerful recipe but one that needed to many specifics to truly shine. The Kuva version is a lot more powerful and flexible than the standard version of the Kohm and a cookie cutter riven is no longer necessary for crazy levels of performance.
The Base critical chance has been increased to nineteen percent and the base status chance is now thirty percent which makes it easier for us to reach the magic true one hundred percent status chance while not completely compromising on critical stats. Couple this with automatic fire, a ton of pellets, good accuracy and plenty of ammo and you have the makings of a incredible weapon.

The build can take many different forms and all of them pack an outstanding punch with or without a riven mod.
You can go for classic one hundred status through the use of the sixty sixty mods or Motus Setup and Nano Applicator. You can go for a brute force approach with a straight elemental combo, I recommend corrosive, viral plus slash and gas or toxin.
You can go for critical slash with viral or no viral through Hunter Munitions, the weapon will perform well in both cases.
The trend is clear and it would be difficult to build this weapon in way it would not offer great results.

Keep in mind that the bonus element on the Kuva Kohm will depend on the progenitor used to take out the Kuva Lich in Larva state. I recommend Toxin, Electricity and Heat, chose your favorite and think of all the possible combos.

One of the issues with the Kohm was ammunition but now that we got weapon exilus mod slots that is no longer a concern and we no longer need to relay on Carrier or Ammo Pads. Simply use a ammo mutation in the exilus slot or my favorite Vigilante Supplies for a bit of extra crit upgrade.

In all my testing there was never a case where this weapon did not perform very well. It’s flexible, it’s extremely powerful and it’s easy to use! What more do you want? Highly Recommend!

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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator