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Warframe is a 3rd person perspective shooter produced and released by Digital Extremes on PlayStation 4 in digital distribution. A little later, she also appeared on Xbox One. Gameplay was built around the F2P model, so the player did not pay for the opportunity to fire up the game, but he could spend real money on things that affect gameplay.

Gameplay in the production of Digital Extremes is focused on multiplayer cooperation. Four people operate in one branch, trying to complete missions that can eliminate specific enemies or recover data from the terminal. Everyone has a special suit called Warframe, which with its functions raises the combat potential. It can also wield three weapons – a basic weapon (eg a shotgun), a secondary weapon (eg a pistol) and weapons used to fight for short distances (eg a sword).

During the game, we gain Affinity, specific experience points that fall into our killing opponents or completing missions (these are ten types). Thanks to them, we can improve our weapons and equipment. A variety of fashions are also available. The amount we can install depends on Affinity.

The camera during the struggle in Warframe is located behind the back of our ward, thus reminding many other TPP shooters. The character we control can run, jump, slide and roll. In addition, you can combine various skills to overcome obstacles and get to places normally out of reach. Maps are generated partly randomly. In some locations, the enemy may close us, which requires finding a terminal and taking part in the mini-game.

We find money, ammunition and fashion during the game, eg in lockers or in destructible elements of the environment. We acquire broadly understood equipment for money – virtual or real. We can also create weapons with materials, but first we need plans to construct them.

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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator