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How to Chroma Beginners Warframe guide + Chroma Rework 2020

(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator

A lil update for chroma seeing as hes had a lovely update recently to make him have some comofrt of life improvments!
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Thought I would upload this small video today as a second one. Quickly going over how to get the Helminth Charger, assuming you already can get Kubrows. If not you can check out my channel on how to get a Kubrow.

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Was going to make this last night but got a bit busy. Let’s go over how everyone can get a Helminth Charger. Luckily it is very simple, first collect regular kubrow breeding materials (kubrow egg, incubator power core). Then you will need to have a Warframe with a cyst fully grown to the point that a tendril is coming out. Then simply drain the cyst when creating a Kubrow and you have done it! Pretty much space flu, space aids, or space herpes where you infect anyone you play with. Brought to you by Nidus. If not remove the Cyst at the Helminth. Thanks for watching!

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(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator