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Farming Warframe Levels Kuva Liches Plus Railjack Endo CREDITS

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The last couple of days or so have been quite hectic to say the least. With all my Warframe videos being memes, fun, or opinion pieces it was bound to be a mess. Let’s all unwind with some general farming.


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Another day of Warframe and chill. Today I think i’ll just run some kuva liches. Maybe farm up some endo and ducats. Level a couple of my new prime and non prime warframes. I do have a credit booster for a bit longer so I can always do that. Maybe we’ll sit down and have a chat for a bit as april fools was a mess of day. Hard to say, but we will farm standing casually for sure.

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Today I am going through all the ways I make platinum in warframe as fast as possible. I give some ways that are virtually free and some that demand more time and resources. Stay until the end to see one of my best life hacks to get more platinum in game! Some people do not know this method, but many others do. I know many of you are not subscribed, but I would greatly appreciate a subscription, like, and a comment of your favorite way of getting platinum in warframe!

(UPDATED) Warframe Online Generator